The Town Of Jelsa

Tightly packed around the picturesque square, which reaches the waterfront, and in its trapezoid form approaches the churches of St. Fabian and Sebastian, the town branches off into a labyrinth of small streets, ruled by a small square with the small church of St. John, which, like the town of Jelsa itself, has been through many reconstructions. Consequently, the town of Jelsa has been always featured by the quality of adapting itself to the changes.

Once the town of seamen and wine, nowadays it is the town of tourism. One of the windows of the island is open towards the inquisitive world that is coming to visit it.

On both sides of the harbour there are wooded coves ideal for relaxation and swimming. The picturesqueness of the landscape and the wooded coves with rock and sand beaches are a permanent reason to vacation in Jelsa again and again.