Svirce was first mentioned in the Statute of Hvar in 1331 as connected with Vrbanj, but it became independent later on. The village is interesting from the ethnographical point of view, especially as regards the architectural cluster of Caric houses connected by little bridges and the walled-in complex of the count Simunic. The parish church of Sv. Marija Magdalena (St. Mary Magdalene) is new, built where the 18th century church was. Only the bell-tower remains from the old church. Next to it is an old cemetery with cypress trees.

The church of Sv. Marija (St. Mary) on the Pjaca (the main square) was adopted from the village loggia in 1820. In the Makjanic house there is a very interesting collection of sculptures and reliefs in wood, done by the self-taught sculptor Josip Makjanic (1837-1929).

By the road and just outside the village, on a ground where centuries-old pine trees grow, a small memorial park was arranged in 1982. Standing in the park is a sculpture by Dinko Vrankovic, at whose bottom the following inscription is engraved: IN MEMORY OF THE DEAD + THE PRIDE OF THE LIVING