Sveta Nedjelja

Sv. Nedjelja lies on a sheer cliff at the foot of Sv. Nikola (St. Nicholas) (626 metres) the highest peak of the island, below a cave which was inhabited back in neolithic times and which in the Middle Ages served as the site for an Augustinian monastery. The monastery, which existed from the 15th century to 1787, was built in a large opening of the cave where there is also a spring. Today, only the monastery church and a part of a shell of a house are preserved.

From the sea, the village, which lies half way to the cave, is reached by a winding path which snakes up through a pine woods. A new church was built in the village this century. It has a painting "St. Jerome and the Saints" by Baldassare d'Anna, and a crucifix by Juraj Plancic (1899-1930). Sv.Nedjelja is famous for its good quality wine "PLAVAC".