Velo Grablje

Driving along the road 4 kilometres from Brusje one comes upon Velo Grablje.This village is situated in a valley and is reached by a side road thatbranches off to the right. The settlement dates from 15th and 16th centuries.Above the village there is the little church of Sv. Vid (St. Vitus) (300metres above sea level) which was the patronage of the nobles Gazzari who,together with the Ozoris family, participated in forming the village. Theparish church Sv. Kuzma i Damjan (Sts. Cosmas and Damian) is from the 19thcentury.

Above the village, at Ozrin (300 metres above the sea level), there is afine view of the Hvar channel and the islands of Vis and Korcula on one side,and the bay of Stari Grad on the other side. From here, the road goes toStari Grad through the village of Selca.