Going from the village of Poljica by road one comes to the village Zastrazisce. The village is situated on a very ancient look-out side, which gives it its name. Even today there are the place names of Strazisce, Strazbena glava. The main look-out post is Vela Glava (High Peak) (316 metres above sea level), with Illyrian ruins on top. In the area round the village of Zastazisce there are many stone mounds from the Bronze Age.

The village consists of several interconnected, separate, unites. The parish church of Sv. Nikola (St. Nicolas) is of a later date. It is situated on a hill from which there is a view of Biokovo and Primorje.

The small church of Sv. Barbara (St. Barbara) was built on the old 14th century foundations and renovated in 1621.