Historical and cultural buildings within the walls of Diocletian's Palace

Window, original location unknown, 13th century. City Museum of Split.

Croatian king (probably a coronation scene), 11th century. Tablet built into font in baptistery (12th--13th centuries).

Detail from doorframe of main entrance to cathedral: The Last Supper, Andrija Buvina, 1214.

Detail from cathedral choir-stall, mid-13th century.

South face of city loggia (and town hall during the 19th century), late 14th to mid-15th century, upper floors redone in Neo-Gothic style in 1890.

Detail from back of cathedral choir-stall, 15th century.

Remains of Gothic window on Julius Nepos Street, 15th century.

Papalic coat of arms above the main door of the (smaller) Papalic palace, Juraj the Dalmatian, circa 1450.

Detail from main door of the palace of Ioannes Baptista of Gubbio, 15th century.

Dance of love, 15th century. West wall of Zaninic/Ciprianis palace.

Gravestone of Ivan (Janko) Alberti, portrayed in his armor, Ibefore 1492. Cathedral, near south door.

Loggia of Romanesque palace near Peristyle, late 13th century, and remains of one of the temples of Diocletian's Palace.

Photographs by: Zvonimir Buljevic